July will be Dedicated to Food Systems Planning!

Throughout the month of July 2016, the American Planning Association (APA) will highlight and promote food systems planning.  In an effort to support this exciting campaign, the APA Food Systems Planning Interest Group (APA-FIG) will feature food systems planning related content across its blog and social media platforms.  We will post interviews with practicing planners and people working across the food system, showcase food systems research, and more.  Stay tuned for interviews with food systems planners from across the country, including but not limited to:

  • Sharon Lerman, City of Seattle
  • Ben Kerrick, Karen Karp and Partners (New York)
  • Branden Born, University of Washington Department of Urban Design and Planning

Join the conversation! We welcome your submissions – share comments, images, articles, research, and tell us about your work.  Join us on Facebook, Twitter (@APA_FIG or @APA_Planning), Instagram (@foodsystemsplanning), LinkedIn, and be sure to check out the FIG blog.  Use the hashtag #foodsystemsplanning when you post and tag APA-FIG.

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