The purpose of the APA FOOD Policy Working Group is to:

  1. share resources related to local and regional policy development to create healthy food systems (such as serving on local, regional or state food policy councils, including food systems in comprehensive and sustainability plans, etc.), and
  2. advocate for local and regional food systems planning issues within state and federal policy.

The Policy Working Group meets via conference call each month with a focus on food systems planning and policy. The group is made up of a variety of municipal, regional, and state planners as well as food system professionals from throughout North America. APA FOOD Executive Committee member, Marcia Caton Campbell, coordinates this group.

The group has a focus on shared learning as well as planning and policy projects.  In each monthly call, a different member of the group shares a component of their work related to food system policy and planning, and the group then provides feedback on the challenges and opportunities that arise. The group’s current project focus is collating several databases of food system plans and resources with hopes to link existing lists to the APA-FIG website. Some projects that the group hopes to undertake in the next year include the development of food system policy and planning case studies and a series of webinars based on these case studies.

Work Plan

The Policy Working Group’s work plan is available here.

Core Members

  • Karen Banks | Washington, DC
  • Becky Bodonyi | Portland, OR
  • Erica Campbell | Montpelier, VT
  • Marcia Caton Campbell | Milwaukee, WI
  • Susan Cohn | Jacksonville, FL
  • Heather Frambach | Oakland, CA
  • Holly Freishtat | Baltimore, MD
  • Kimberley Hodgson | Vancouver, BC
  • Sara Nadolny | Basalt, CO
  • Hilary Papineau | Albany, NY
  • Nicki Sandberg | Ann Arbor, MI
  • Helen Schnoes | Lawrence, KS
  • Shannon Spurlock | Denver, CO
  • Mega Stanley | Oaklyn, NJ
  • Andrew Szwak | Chicago, IL
  • Eric Weiss | Minneapolis, MN
  • Monica Wilkinson | Vernon, TX

If you would like to join this working group, please follow these instructions “How to Join a Working Group“.

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