Food Systems Coordinator – University of Florida Institute of Food and Agriculture Sciences Extension Family Nutrition Program

County Farm to School, Farm to Community Coordinator (CC) in Dade County will help to support capacity building in the local food system and expand access to healthful foods by eligible populations.  In this context, food systems are defined as the activities and processes included in the movement of healthful food from farm/garden to plate.  This includes school and community gardens; farmers’ markets; Smarter Lunchrooms Movement; and helping farmers access new markets, such as school cafeteria and corner stores.  The CC will engage school food authorities, communities, and farmers in order to provide them with the education and technical support to increase the availability of specialty crops in the school lunch program and to increase the number of farmers selling to local farmers’ markets using appropriate procurement processes while meeting state and federal food safety standards. Other duties are to provide outreach and support for school food service and producers to promote Farm to School in county FNP-eligible schools, to provide fresh fruits and vegetables to low-income communities, to help develop pilot programs, and/or to implement new relationships for the sale of local products. CC will travel throughout the county and surrounding area to meet school food authorities, farmers, distributors, Extension agents, and other relevant stakeholders to increase procurement of local food in county. Farmers will be introduced to food safety requirements for schools and given information on relevant training opportunities, including selling to schools and accepting Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT).  CC will also assist with implementing school and community gardens.

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