Consulting Opportunity: San Francisco Wholesale Produce Market

The San Francisco Wholesale Produce Market in San Francisco, CA is looking for a Fund Development Consultant.

Scope of Services

To continue to run the Market successfully and to implement the Reinvestment Plan, the Market needs to diversify funding beyond our traditional rent revenue model.

This contract position is responsible for developing and potentially implementing a broad funding program. More specifically, this position will create a strategy to diversify the San Francisco Market Corporation’s funding for capital improvements that will support infrastructure development, as well as provide resources to aid our programmatic work that focuses, but is not limited to, health, workforce development, local farmers, and food recovery.

We envision potential funding sources such as government- local, state, and federal, philanthropy- private, community and corporate, and alternative financing. We are not seeking to develop an individual donor program at this time.

About the San Francisco Wholesale Produce Market

The San Francisco Wholesale Produce Market (SFWPM or “Market”), located in the Bayview Hunters Point community, is one of the largest, multi-tenanted produce wholesale and distribution facility in the US. The Market spans over 20 acres, including 485,000 square feet of warehouse and logistics space. The Market provides critical food infrastructure and services to over 30 wholesale and distribution businesses that store, aggregate, and distribute fresh produce to businesses across the Bay Area.

The San Francisco Market Corporation is the non-profit governing body of the Market. The mission of the San Francisco Market Corporation is to link the produce and food communities of SF and beyond, through the successful operation and development of the San Francisco Wholesale Produce Market.

The vision of the San Francisco Market Corporation is to make the San Francisco Wholesale Produce Market a vibrant, thriving and sustainable food center.

It is an exciting time at the Market; we have embarked on a multi-year Reinvestment Project to upgrade and expand our facility. The first phase of the Reinvestment Project included the transition of the Market to a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization and the construction of an 82,000 sq. ft. LEED-Gold warehouse. Future planned phases of the Reinvestment Project include building replacements and road infrastructure work with an approximate total cost of 100 million dollars. As we are investing and planning for the future of the Market, we continue to focus our efforts on increasing the impact of our programs, which include: local job generation, support for local farmers and growers, and maximizing food recovery opportunities.

 To Apply

We are looking for an individual or consulting firm with experience developing and implementing effective fund development strategies. If you are interested in helping us with this project please share with us your relevant experience, why you would be a good fit for this position, and two examples of similar projects that you have worked on to Elie Steinberg at